Linux, Iometer / Dynamo usage

Iometer is an open source disk performance testing software, is widely used.

Iometer is divided into two parts, one for the GUI interface, known as Iometer, only Windos version, the other part is the Dynamo, is used for disk testing Worker.

Iometer on Windows is very simple to use, install Iometer binary package, open the Iometer, will start in the machine Dymano, and connect Iometer. By default, Iometer production according to the number of the machine’s CPU relative number of Worker.

Configure each Worker, select the disk, select the test Access Specifications template, you can begin testing.

Under Linux, the first is to install the compiler (can not compile, directly under the executable Dynamo).

  1. download the source code , extract;</p>
  2. select the src directory for your operating system’s Makefile-[0s]. [Type] file, copy the Makefile;

  3. under Linux, execute the compiler will make all tips
error: stropts.h: No such file or directory

This is because Linux distributions do not provide this file, this file does not play any role, you can create an empty file stropts.h to fool the compiler or comment out this one.

Then, execute make all or make dynamo, will be able to compile, generate a dynamo executable file

  1. the Connection iometer

Close Linux iptables firewall (chkconfig iptables off, reboot into effect; service iptables stop, with immediate effect, restart after the failure), turn off the firewall on the windows.


Executive dynamo-i windows_ip_address-m linux_ip_address

If Tip: Getting host name for “xxx” failed. Need to / etc / hosts add a line inside: xxx
  1. in the windows of iometer interface will display a new machine. Configuration, perform the test tasks.

Note: In the windows tests, if the system disk as a target, then the generated test files in C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Local \ VirtualStore folder, the file name iobw.tst, this file is large, After testing is complete, you can delete it.